Migration of legacy software systems to new and state-of-the-art technology environments is required to deal with the emerging business needs. At the same time, there is a need to preserve all the established business rules and practices. Statnetics’ application re-engineering services will help your organization to leverage the benefits of the latest technology platforms, frameworks, and software products.

Statnetics’ re-engineering solutions provide strategies, methodologies, techniques, and tools that help clients re-engineer, rather than replace their existing legacy systems to keep pace with evolving business and technology requirements. We combine the knowledge of the client’s business system processes with sophisticated reengineering tools to provide a highly flexible migration path to the IT solutions of the future.
Statnetics offers the following migration services:

  • Language / Code Migration
  • Architecture Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Integration with relevant tools

Statnetics has the expertise and resources to redesign enterprise-wide applications. We have been involved in designing and reengineering and integrating legacy applications with the latest web-based and client-server applications. In the process, we have won accolades for delivering exceptional results for completeness, accuracy, and speed of migration.