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CloudQA is a cloud based codeless enterprise QA tool. Our software engineers at Statnetics make use of this tool on all the development projects to significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity of the testing process. This helps us in our agile development environment where with shorter test cycles, we are able to test often, build often and produce quality software. If your project requires functional testing, our test engineers can make your QA process much more efficient. 


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Easy Usage

Easy Usage

Any person who knows the application and business can start automating tests. No scripting expertise required.


Fast Testing

Fast Testing


Reduced bottlenecks for faster releases. You can speed up testing cycles and allow QA to keep pace with development.​

Minimal Setup

Minimal Setup


Kickstart test automation with minimal setup on our low-cost and reliable Selenium cloud.

Quick Response

Quick Response


Reach out to our customer support executives for quick response and resolutions.

Data driven

Data Driven


With our data-driven testing download auto-generated templates to create your test data. Upload multiple test-data for a test-case.

Cross platform


Cross Platform


Automate your web app’s tests with user-like workflows on real browsers. Switch between environments, select browsers, and upload a file for data driven testing.

Resume Screening

Revolutionize Your Resume Screening With AI: Introducing Our Pilot Tool!

Tired of drowning in a sea of resumes to find the perfect candidate? Say hello to our AI-enabled recruitment tool, designed to elevate your talent search.

Welcome To The Future Of Hiring!

Text Analytics

Empowering Your Data: Unleash AI with Our Advanced Text Analysis Project!

Harness broad entity recognition, powerful sentiment analysis, and document summarization to unlock the true potential of your PDF documents.

Step Into The Future Of Data Analysis!