At Statnetics, we love to employ computers in automating the tests because they are excellent at it. We utilize the power of computers in automation while we test the application using our years of knowledge in the field. We use open-ended investigation techniques that computers cannot perform (unless, of course. artificial intelligence is injected for a specific task). We love test automation as it adds value in various contexts like regression testing, build health checks, sanity testing & other areas that may demand automation testing.


We can create batch scripts / test suites, integrate them with your build release and provide you with an efficient Continuous Integration solution that will save you huge amount of time, cost and effort. You get detailed reports for every test run for every build release.


The philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said, “A fool with a tool is still a fool” – When it comes to testing, at Statnetics we understand this better than anyone else because of our experience. We have an automation mind-set and bring in the developer skills. We have even built a wildly popular cloud based web test automation tool, CloudQA, which we use extensively (besides other tools). Essentially, we believe that we have a blue-print of an automation framework that is far better than any other tool (Selenium, commercial, open source or freeware).


Regression Testing – WHY?
  • You are building a software and it goes through a lot of changes frequently.
  • Your software has lots of features and after a few months, you are plan to add more features or tweak existing features.
  • You already have a software, but you are migrating the technology platform from one to another while UI elements remain same.

Statnetics offers blended automation testing services which suits your context. We just don’t build some automation suite – we also take care of Continuous Integration (CI) delivery for you. This is what completes the automation cycle and helps in meeting the goals of automation for your software in terms of time and effort and enables you to make better informed decisions.

Are you tired and bored of sloppy and buggy automation implementations? We can build a test automation solution for you that will be effortless, simple and pretty much codeless for you to execute.

Build Health Checks – WHY?
  • Your engineering team releases builds very frequently, e.g. 1 or 2 builds per day.
  • You don’t want human intervention for performing checks – instead you want it for performing tests.
  • You want to save time of your testers by automating the build health checks before it goes to tester for testing.
  • You want a faster development and testing phase and want to cut out unnecessary noise.

Talk to us about your pain points and we will come up with a custom solution as we believe that for every customer and every context there is a unique solution and we can help you bridge the gap.


We don’t just stop at Functional Test Automation. We also offer other testing, including:

  • Rest API Automation
  • Cross Browser / Platform Testing
  • Record & Playback
  • Site Uptime & Monitoring
  • Responsive Testing