• Scalable model via the public cloud – utilize computing power, disk space, memory as per current requirements but have the ability to ramp up on demand very quickly
  • Costs – Pay for what you use. No need to own your own infrastructure. No capital costs incurred.
  • Licensing benefits – Operating system (OS), test tools, hardware, application licenses are managed by the cloud.
  • Standardization – Centralized test environment with a standard set of tools and processes will ensure repeatability, efficiency and quality results

Besides self-service SaaS-based subscription model for automated testing, Statnetics also offers Testing as a Service for companies that do not have the bandwidth to carry on this essential step in their agile development process. Customers do not have to worry about any software licensing, infrastructure, expensive testing resource or steep learning curve for the testing tool & processes. Instead, they can focus on developing their own software which is their area of competency.